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Went to Vern & Jo’s tonite to see their new 24 inch T.V. Peg has a real cute little dog. Judy was out this aft. & she left at 4:30.

The Rectors have a big-screen TV! They’re livin’ large! Of course they had to go see it — this is nothing to sneeze at! I’m surprised Hazel even noticed that Peg has a little dog.

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July 21, 1954

Went to show at Bevier tonite to see Fighter Attack. Was good. Messed around all day. Don’t feel to good. Well, bye for now.

I see that, in spite of not feeling good, and being tired, she’s right back to seeing a movie nearly every night! You simply can’t let the little things interfere with your social life.

Fighter_Attack_1953_poster“Fighter Attack” is a 1953 movie starring Sterling Hayden and Joy Page. It’s another World War II film, based in Italy. She sure watches a lot of those!

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July 13, 1954

Dale came up tonite & we saw “Three Coins in a Fountain”. Was real good. We are going to Italy some day. We have just about got our farm. (5 room house)

ThreeCoinsintheFountain“Three Coins in the Fountain” is a 1954 movie starring Clifton Webb and Dorothy McGuire. Another one I need to see — I can’t keep up! Hazel sees a new movie nearly every other night!

You can see a trailer for this one right HERE.

Since Dale is of Italian descent, and the movie is chock full of gorgeous Italian scenery, this has inspired Hazel to want to go see Italy for herself.

Since this movie is based on a book, perhaps I could also read it . . . we’ll see.

And I see that plans for the impending marriage are moving right along — they’re getting a house! A 5-room house . . .

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July 10, 1954

Judy & her Mom came out this eve. then I went back home with them & Mrs. A. took us to the Show (Long, long Trailer) in Macon. Got home bout 11 & went to sleep bout 12:30.

LongLongTrailerHazel must see just about every movie that comes out! “The Long, Long Trailer” has to be a cute one.

It’s a 1954 movie starring Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. You can watch the trailer for it HERE. I’ve added another movie to my list of ones I need to see!

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They took Doris to the hospital this morn but she hasn’t had her baby yet. Billy said he was going to name it Mary Hartline. Staying home tonite. Baked 2 cakes. Wrote to Dale & said I was sorry about last nite.

I wonder what she did to Dale that warranted an apology? They must have argued about the job she wants to take.

She was a cake-bakin’ fool today — that probably put some heat in the house!

So Doris is in the hospital waiting to have her baby. This will be her third child — she and Mildred’s brother, Finis, already have two sons, Billy and Johnnie.

MaryHartlineI’m thinking maybe Billy watches a little too much TV, and is at a very impressionable age, if he wants to name the baby Mary Hartline! Mary Hartline is an actress who is sometimes referred to as “America’s First Sex Symbol”.

How disappointed will he be if that baby is a boy?

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June 30, 1954

Donald, Jane, & Charlotte came out tonite; Dal came up & Donald & all of us went to see the “Glenn Miller Story” in Don’s car. Afterwards went to the A. & W. then home. Had a real good time.

A fun summer group outing. Sounds like quite a car full!

GlennMillerStoryThe Glenn Miller Story is a 1954 movie called “Moonlight Serenade: The Glenn Miller Story”, and it stars Jimmy Stewart. It’s a biography of bandleader Glenn Miller, who died in a plane crash December 15, 1944.

Some of the actors in the movie were actually playing themselves, such as Frances Langford and Louis Armstrong!

This is another one that’s on my list to watch, as soon as I can find it.

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June 25, 1954

Dale came up tonite & we & Judy went to see “From Here to Eternity.” I have been asked to go to St. Louis with Andersons & Sagasers. Judys lip is swollen.

She’s been invited on a family trip with the Andersons. I wonder what Judy has done to her lip?

FromHeretoEternity“From Here to Eternity” is a 1953 film starring Burt Lancaster, Deborah Kerr, Montgomery Clift, Donna Reed, and Frank Sinatra. I need to watch this one — it sounds like a good one!

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Dale came up tonite & we took Buck & Puz to the Drive-in to see “The Greatest Show on Earth.” Didn’t get home till almost 12. I’ve worked hard all day.

How sweet to take her little brothers to the drive-in with them! Plus, it might also prevent further traumatic incidents from occurring. A little safety net!

GreatestShowonEarth“The Greatest Show on Earth” is a 1952 film directed by Cecil DeMille, and stars James Stewart, Charlton Heston, and the adorable Betty Hutton. I have plans to watch it, if I can get my hands on it.

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May 30, 1954

Sun – Dale came tonite & we went to see “River of No Return” at Macon. Got home at 11:45 I hope that he suffers for something as much as I am & will. Had turkey for dinner today. Mick & them are still here.

Hmmm . . . I wonder what the trouble is between Hazel and Dale?

They still have company in from Kansas City.

RiverofnoReturn“River of No Return” is a 1954 movie starring Robert Mitchum and Marilyn Monroe. I haven’t seen it yet, but if I can find it, I’m certainly going to watch it.

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March 27, 1954

Saturday – I got outside today & helped Mom & boys clean up around the farm. Had a good time, but now I tired. Lentner boys won in T.V. Tryouts. Got a grad. present from G&G Rector – yellow nylon blouse.

Spring is on its way. Time to do all that cleaning up outside from going through winter. It’s a good kind of tired, after working outside all day.

Their trio didn’t win the TV Tryouts. The boys from Lentner got more votes than they did. That’s too bad.

And her first graduation present! I’m sure it’s just one of several she’ll get.

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