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Dale came up tonite & we went to see Bro. Lewis but he wasn’t home so went on to drive-in. Marciano won the fight tonite. Our little dog is so cute.

Trying to catch the pastor at home so they can finalize plans for the upcoming wedding, but not having much luck.

The big fight finally happened tonight. You can see from this photo of the event’s program that it was actually scheduled for the 15th, but only just happened today.


Marciano won by a knockout in the 8th round. You can watch the highlights of the fight HERE.

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September 16, 1954

I cleaned house real real good this morn. Ironed this aft. & worked on my suit. I got it finished tonite. Postponed Marciano & Chorles fight again tonite.

She finished her suit. Sounds like she worked pretty hard today!

Rocky Marciano and Ezzard Charles are set to fight a boxing match in which Rocky Marciano will be defending his title as Heavyweight Champion of the World. Scheduled for yesterday in Yankee Stadium in New York, the fight was rescheduled due to the weather, and postponed yet again today. Oh, the suspense!

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July 16, 1954

Came to St. Louis this morn on train. We’re staying at De Soto hotel. Shopped this aft & got my bathing suit. Tonite we went to see Cardinals & Giants play. Was wonderful.

What a trip so far! Riding the train, staying in a fancy hotel, shopping in the city, and seeing a major league baseball game! Whatever will they do tomorrow to top all that?

They’ll probably go swimming at some point, since she bought a bathing suit.

The Cardinals beat the Giants 5-4 in that game.


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March 9, 1954

Stayed home tonite. Dale’s grandpa is real sick & in the hospital. Boy’s play in the Atlanta Jr. Hi. tourney tonite. They got home early cause they played early. Bye.

I wonder what’s wrong with Dale’s grandpa?

She doesn’t say whether the boys won their game. I hope they’re doing better than the high school teams have done.

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February 18, 1954

B.B. game tonite – with Clifton Hill – our last one & I cried when it was over, cause I’ll never play again. I fouled out. Dale was there – We made up – Went to Minnies. We’re not getting married till I’m 18 – 7 months.

Aw — so sad. Her last basketball game ever. And she fouled out . . . and they lost, which only makes it worse. But at least Dale made it to the game, and they’ve made up. And are still planning on getting married — the countdown to age 18 has begun!

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February 8, 1954

Went to Jr. Hi. Tourney at Bucklin tonite with the folks & Ruby & Roy. Buck played. They lost by 2 points & the girls lost. I told Judy about last nite & she’s the only one I’m going to tell for I can trust her.

Ooh, it’s so difficult to go on with life as normal when you have such a big secret! Luckily, she can confide in Judy.

I see the Junior High teams aren’t having any better luck than the high school teams.

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December 14, 1953

Went to Bucklin for a B.B. game tonite. Our teams lost. Me, Judy, Carol, Sue & Charlotte went with Duden in his car. Dale was there & afterwards we & Judy went to Melody Inn. Several were there.

More lost basketball games. Sounds like neither team is doing any good this year. I guess the new gym and getting to play indoors has not really helped?

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December 4, 1953

A bunch of us girls went to Elmer tonite on the bus to see the final games. Our boys lost 3rd. Elmer girls & boys got 1st. Callao got a friendship trophy. Joann & I had to get it cause we were captains.

The boys got a bit further than the girls in the tournament, but still couldn’t pull off a placing win. No surprise that both of Elmer’s teams got 1st — if you read Janet’s comment on this post.

It’s nice to get the friendship trophy, though — I guess that means they were all good sports about it. And that wraps up the Elmer Basketball Tournament for 1953!

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December 2, 1953

Play Novinger at Elmer tonite. I was captain. Got beat by 2 points. I cried awful cause I couldn’t help it & so did most everyone else. Dale was there. He brot me home. Sat with Judy & Pat & Carol S. & Donald.

Well, they blew it. That was their last chance to get anywhere in the Elmer Tournament. They’re out for the rest of it now. I’m sure all the senior players were very disappointed.

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November 30, 1953

Played our first game in Elmer Tourney tonite at 5:30 & lost by 5 points – played Green City. Me, Judy, Della, Carol & Martha rode up with Devolld, Dale was there & afterwards Him, Me & Judy went to Melody Inn & had cokes (Pat Rogers came too) & Judy & I danced – we left & Pat took Judy home.

Back to school and the normal things — like losing ball games and running around every night.

They’ll get one more crack at a game in the tournament, but given their record so far, I’m not too hopeful, are you?

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