September 4, 1954

Worked all day. Mom gave me a toaster, ironing board & the piano. Wonderful! It’s so hot out you could die. Bill Sampsel came out today & rented my Eng. IV bk. Folks are going to Jones’ tonite. Talked to Judy several times today. Judy & Carol came out tonite & stayed awhile.

Wedding gifts from her mother — very useful things!

We’re having a hot spell right now, just like she’s talking about in 1954. Part of August was nice and cool, and then it turned off really hot again — one last hoorah before winter, I guess?

It’s nice she can still find a use for her old schoolbooks. Renting them out to underclassmen!

September 3, 1954

Dale came up before noon & we went to Moberly. Ate dinner at Reeds Corner. Was good. Then went to look at our furniture. I love every bit of it. Came back to Dale’s house for supper & afterwards me, Dale, & Damon got Joann & went to Drive-in. Joann leaves for school Sun. Bye

Whew! It’s good that she’s given her stamp of approval to the things Dale picked out while she was gone on vacation.

Damon’s most recent fling is leaving him to go off to college. The weather’s gonna start cooling off — there won’t be many more chances to get to the drive-in this season, anyway.

September 2, 1954

Ironed all day almost. Thought I would die. Went to Grandma & Grandpa’s tonite. Dale & I go to Moberly tomorrow to shop. Bye for now.

That’s a lot of ironing — no wonder it almost killed her! And she needs to be rested, if they’re doing some shopping tomorrow! Picking out new house stuff is exhausting.

September 1, 1954

I called Dale today at noon & talked to him. He came up tonite & we had a double date with Don & Jane. Damon was with Joann. I was so glad to see Dale I could have died. He has part of our furniture. Bedr. suite – breakfast set – living room suite & stove.

Finally! She got to see Dale. This is probably the longest she’s ever gone without seeing him since they started dating seriously.

They’re gathering furnishings for their house — I guess Dale got them the one he was looking at. They’re trying to get it all set up before they get married, I’m sure. And they still haven’t set a date for the wedding!

August 31, 1954

Left early this morn. & drove all day & got home tonite about 7:30. Boy, was I ever glad to get back. Shirley & Jimmy were over here after we got home. I’m dead tired.

She’s finally home! Home and exhausted. Sixteen days on the road, visiting, sightseeing, and riding in the car. That’s a long vacation, I must say — they were probably all glad to get back home.

August 30, 1954

We went over the Royal Gorge Bridge this morn. On to Pueblo to see Edith & Jap & Wanita. Ate dinner at Edith’s. Got into Kan. this aft. & tonite we’re staying at O.K. Court in Garden City, Kan. Bye

Surely Hazel got excited about going over the Royal Gorge Bridge? What an exciting and terrifying adventure that must have been.

They evidently didn’t linger long, and are visiting some more folks along the way. I’m not sure who Edith, Jap, and Wanita are, but I think they’re relatives.

They made pretty good time today and are now back in Kansas, so they’re getting closer to home. Vern might have driven some extra miles today to make up for yesterday’s incident.

August 29, 1954

Sun. – Saw Mormon Temple this morn. We’re up in the mountains today again. Staying in Poncha Springs, Colo. tonite. I’ll be glad to get home. The car got real hot today & we got about 10 miles in 3 hrs. Daddy was tore up.

OK, so the car overheating has slowed them down some, I’m sure. This has to be messing with Vern’s sightseeing schedule!

Here’s a picture of Hazel and Puz in Colorado. It sort of looks like a middle-of-nowhere waiting-for-the-car-to-cool-down bored-children-on-vacation photo, doesn’t it?



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