The Reception

Immediately following the marriage ceremony, the reception was held in the church basement.

The beautiful cake was baked and decorated by Hazel’s Aunt Ruby, who also served the cake at the reception with the assistance of Hazel’s friends Anita Frazier, Charlotte Wisdom, and Opal Smith.

But first, Dale and Hazel got to cut the cake:


And take the first bites:


The entire reception menu was very simple: cake, punch, and mints.

There were no fancy decorations, just the beautifully set table. Crude light bulb fixture hanging from the ceiling, pencil sharpener on the wall behind them.

And notice in the bookcase to the left — there’s a pair of slippers on the shelf!

Here they are!


The reception was held in the church basement (I didn’t even know the Baptist Church had a basement until this), so they’ve made it outside, and are preparing to go downstairs for the reception. I really love this picture. They look so young!


I’ll have a couple pictures from the reception for you tomorrow.

The Kiss

I now pronounce you man and wife . . .

You may kiss the bride!


The Ceremony

The Reverend Lee Lewis, pastor of the Bevier Baptist Church, performed the ceremony.

Praying for a blessed long and happy life together . . .


The wedding is taking place at the Bevier Baptist Church.

Hazel is getting ready at home. She’s adjusting her veil in front of her mother’s dresser. She’s going to make a beautiful bride!


I’m sure she adhered to the old rule of not seeing the groom on the day of the wedding until he sees you coming down the aisle.

Hazel’s father, Vern, all spit-shined and dressed up, walks her down the aisle, to give his daughter away to the love of her life.


Someone in the crowd snapped a candid of this moment. I’m not 100% sure, but I believe the chap captured in the forefront of this photo is the boyfriend of Hazel’s only female classmate, Opal Smith.


I’ll have more wedding pictures for you tomorrow!

October 2, 1954

Got my hair fixed at Macon today. All K.C. company is here. We practiced at the church tonite. I guess everything will be o.k. Tonite I’m ending my diary, cause I don’t want to write anymore after I’m married. I hope all my children read this & I hope they have as much fun in their teens as I have. Bye – Hazel

Well, there you have it. It’s the end of the diary. Doesn’t that bring tears to your eyes? Or is that just me, because it’s my mother?

What a sweet note to write. A note to her future children, wishing them fun-filled teenage years like she had.

What a wonderful way to end the diary. On the eve of her wedding.

While I really wish she had kept on writing, it’s nice to have the finality of her story, knowing that she ended it where she wanted to, instead of just trailing off without warning. I love the note she left. It’s a personal note to me and my sister and my brothers. Before she even knew there would be a me and my sister and my brothers.

I know my sister and I have read every word of the diary. I hope our two brothers have, too. They have no excuse not to, right?

Tomorrow is the wedding, and she’s as ready as she’s going to be. Relatives have come in from Kansas City for the big day, she’s got her hair fixed, and they’ve had their rehearsal. I guess everything will be OK.

Over the next few days here on the blog, I’ll show you the wedding pictures, and tell you all about it. So stay tuned. There’s gonna be a wedding!

October 1, 1954

Dale came up today & we went to town – got our license & other things – then went down to the house & worked & ate supper at Rods & Pearls’ then went to the house & worked some more.

Working harder and faster on the house now. It’s all got to be done so they can move in. The wedding is the day after tomorrow! They’re just about all set — they got their license. I guess things are falling into place for this to all happen as planned.


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