August 1, 1954

Sun. – Dale came up this aft. – then we went to his house & fixed supper for his folks & rode in his old ’36 Ford. Went to Concord tonite. Aft. went to Junction to drink something. Then came home . . . . .

Not a bad way to spend a Sunday, just tooling around. I’m sure Dale’s mother was thrilled to let them fix supper and give her a night off from cooking!

July 31, 1954

Didn’t do too much today but work. Judy came out this aft. & stayed for supper. Buck took us riding in the “A” & Mom took some pictures of us in it. Tonite me & folks went to the A. & W. went through town – saw Damon & Patti.

Sounds to me like they’re the ones keeping the A&W in business!

Henry2Buck’s passion — working on cars. Constantly taking them apart, putting them back together, building something newer, better, faster — it was his passion his entire life. He ended up working in the racing industry for a lot of years — mechanic, driver, pit crewman, consultant, etc. — and in his later years, he drove haulers for other race-car drivers just so he could stay connected to it all. He loved it, and he loved traveling, so that’s what he did.

To think, it all started in the yard at the old farmhouse, working on the old cars his dad had around the place!

Henry1Taking his sister and her best friend, and Puz and Tuffy, for rides around the yard — BEVIER OR BUST — they didn’t have big aspirations of getting very far at first! But everyone starts somewhere, right?

I love the little (probably Bust) disclaimer they painted under their slogan — too funny!


July 30, 1954

Dale came up tonite & we went to church at Concord. He liked the same wedding invitation I did. Aft. we went to A. & W. with Don & Jane. Wed. night there was a guy got in Wisdom’s house.

Good — they’ve agreed on a wedding invitation. But they still haven’t set a date. I think that might be a prerequisite for ordering those invitations; they’d best be deciding.

The A&W again!

And a break-in at the Wisdom’s? That’s kind of scary.

July 29, 1954

Me & Mom & Ruby went to Kirks. this aft. I got my guest book, plates for reception, some pants, washcloths, blouse & shorts. Went to Judy’s tonite & Jack took us to Macon to the A. & W. Had fun.

I see Mildred has decided to join in the wedding planning. I knew she’d come around!

I don’t know who Jack is, but she’s sure been frequenting the A&W a lot lately.

July 28, 1954

I went to Ruby’s again this aft. & she took me to Macon & got the bride & groom for the cake & some satin & lace for the ring pillow & we saw about some napkins. Dale came up tonite & we went to church down at Concord. Aft. went to A. & W. & Don & Jane went with us. Bye.

She’s sure moving fast with the wedding planning all of a sudden, and they haven’t even set a date yet!

July 27, 1954

I went to Ruby’s this aft. & we fixed my pillows & planned alot about my wedding. I’m going back tomorrow & she’s taking me to Macon. Mom said she would’nt help me a bit with my wedding but Daddy is going to, so I don’t care about her if she wants to be so snaughty.

I wonder why her mother won’t help her with her wedding? Maybe she doesn’t want her only daughter to get married and leave home? Maybe she doesn’t approve of Dale? Hmm . . .

How do you like Hazel’s spelling of “snaughty”? That one made me laugh.

And she’s got Aunt Ruby and her daddy to help her, so I think she’ll get the wedding planned, anyway. Maybe Mildred will come around eventually.

July 26, 1954

I felt awful today – kinda. I went with the folks & boys tonite to Concord revival. Cat was there. Dale wasn’t & I miss him so much. I hope he isn’t mad about last night.

Sounds like she needs to go to church! Dale’s not mad — he’ll just keep trying. Kids!


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