March 2, 1954

Stayed home tonite. I wish I was dead over this carnival deal. Washed my hair & got my history tonite. It was snowing out after school. Mom wouldn’t let me stay & practice.

I find it hard to believe that the carnival committee job is so difficult and stressful that she’d rather be dead — oh, the drama!

March 1, 1954

Stayed home tonite. We T.V. girls sing at Bevier at Congregational church on Fri. aft.noon. There is so much going on I’m almost sick. Some Communists shot up some Senotors today in Wash. D.C.

The TV girls are quite popular — having to make appearances all over — they’re in demand! Oh, the price of fame — it’s making her sick.

Hazel’s synopsis of today’s news is a little off, but there was indeed a shooting spree in the Capitol building on this day. Four Puerto Rican nationalists entered the Ladies Gallery with guns, and fired 29 rounds into the House chamber where more than 240 congressmen were debating an immigration bill. They later claimed they were not shooting directly at people, rather just firing their guns into the chamber (even aiming at the ceiling), and therefore, only five people were injured, and no one was killed in the attack. The four attackers, led by a 34-year-old woman named Lolita Lebron, were arrested without further incident.

There is a good article from the Washington Post magazine from 2004, detailing Lolita’s life and the attack. You can read that HERE.

February 28, 1954

Dale came up today & we stayed home all afternoon & talked & looked at things in the cataloge. Ruby, Roy & Babs were here. I stayed home tonite & studied on Hist. Test tomorrow.

Very quiet Sunday at the Hyde home. I wonder what she and Dale are shopping for in the catalog? Hmm . . .

February 27, 1954

Anita wanted me to go to Moberly with her today, but I couldn’t so Judy went. I ironed this morn & worked. Dave & Ruth are up here tonite. I’m sleepy. Saw Jeanne R. & Rosemary P. on T.V. today. Bye

She had to skip a trip to Moberly in favor of housework — what a shame! You know that ironing is an all-day affair.

Jeanne Ricker and Rosemary Penton are two girls from Bevier. I wonder what they were doing on TV? Maybe more TV Tryouts are going on?

February 26, 1954

Dean S. invited me to Junior party tonite but couldn’t go cause I had date with Dale. We went to Macon to the show. Tonite was New Cambria’s school carnvial. I wanted to go kinda. I awful tired.

How sweet of Dean S. to return the favor and invite Hazel to the junior party, after she invited him to the senior party.

February 25, 1954

Staying home tonite & reading a library book. Got a letter from Dale. Pete is really getting tame. He just chirps & chatters. Had fun at school today. Work is piling up. Bye

I’m guessing it’s a warmer and cozier evening than she had last night. Things are starting to get really busy, trying to wrap up Senior year and all. Lots to do between now and graduation.

Seems they’re getting along all right with the bird training, too!

February 24, 1954

Had a Senoir party tonite at the Lake. I invited Dean & it was cold. Afterwards stopped at Melody Inn, came back to Callao, then back to Rexall at Macon, then to Melody Inn again. 9 of us in D. W.’s car. Saw Damon & Anita.

I can imagine it was cold! It’s February! I’m not sure what they were thinking about having an outdoor party in the wintertime. It seems they didn’t stay too long before they started running all over in Don’s car . . . I’m sure that was a warmer alternative!


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