May 25, 1954

Dale came up tonite & we went to the Drive-in & then to Minnies. Its 11:30 I was so tired tonite I almost went to sleep at the show. Its kinda cool out.

All her running around is catching up with her. But she still isn’t about to miss a date to the drive-in!

May 24, 1954

I went to Macon this aft. with Judy to the Doc. Then me, Judy & her folks were invited out to Pat & Sag’s cabin & then to supper. Afterwads Judy & I went to show. We’ve all been invited to the cabin for Sun. – & Mon.

So this is her more important plan! Going with the Andersons to Pat and Sag’s cabin. I don’t know who Pat and Sag are, other than I believe they are relatives of the Andersons. Their cabin must be around the Macon Lake area.

May 23, 1954

I was at Grandmas this morn till noon – then Dale came & we went to his house, then went fishing in the pits, then came back to his house & I washed his hair, then we all ate & got ready & went to church.

This is why she couldn’t go to Kansas City? Fishing in the pits? Surely she has something else planned.

Sounds like she might be spoiling Dale just a little . . . she’d better not set some precedent she doesn’t want to continue after they’re married!

May 22, 1954

Didn’t do much all day but help clean house & mess around. Daddy, Mom, & the boys are going to K.C., but I came to Grandmas tonite, cause I have other plans.

Hazel can’t be bothered with going to visit family in the city. She has more important things to do! I wonder what she’s got up her sleeve?

May 21, 1954

Dale came up tonite & we went to see a wild western at the Drive-In. Wasn’t too awful good. I went to Macon today to get Annette a shower present for her shower tonite.

Ha! A “wild western” — I wonder which one it was?

Hazel’s friend, Annette, is getting married in June. I wonder what Hazel got her for a gift? And is Annette’s shower giving Hazel any ideas about her own upcoming wedding?

May 20, 1954

Judy came out today at noon & stayed till nite. I drove her back to town with Daddy along of course. Didn’t do anything tonite. Judy told me something that happened.

Ooh, a secret secret! Guess we’ll never know what that was.

She’s still practicing driving on the back roads. Wonder if she’ll ever build up the confidence to go it alone and get her license?

May 19, 1954

I didn’t get up till 10:00 this morn. I almost fell over, it was so late. Wrked hard all day. Wrote letters tonite – I’m caught up now. Judy will be here tomorrow.

It is highly unusual for her to sleep so late, but she is out of school now, and seems to have made up for it by working hard the rest of the day.


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