July 6, 1954

Went to the hospital today to see about a job. I may be able to get on if I keep working after I’m married. Dale came up tonite. He said it was o.k. if I worked a little while. We’re both tore up.

So she has her fiancé’s permission to take a job. But will they actually hire her? Or if they offer her the job, will she change her mind? We shall see . . .

July 5, 1954

Stayed home today. Mom didn’t have to work. Peg was here all aft. We have a window fan now. I’m going to the hospital tomorrow to try to get a job. Bye now.

Finally, a window fan to help provide a little relief from the heat.

And Hazel is going job hunting! Wow! She did say at one time that she wanted to be a nurse.

July 4, 1954

Dale came tonite & we went to Concord chucch. Afterwards me, Dale, Don & Jane went to Drive-in to see show & fireworks. Stopped at Junction bout 12:00 & ate & came on home. Had fun.

Another double date with Don and Jane, and another double show of movie and fireworks!

I wonder if the rest of her family went to the annual Fourth of July family get-together either at Aunt Ruby’s or Uncle Vern’s? The celebration alternated each year between the two of them, and they only lived about 2 blocks apart. Bevier’s town fireworks could be watched from either location, and there was always plenty of watermelon!

July 3, 1954

Did’nt do much today. Judy came out this aft. She took part of her drivers test today. I’m staying home tonite. Folks are at Jones’s for ice cream.

She doesn’t say whether Judy passed the driver’s test, and if she now has her learner’s permit. Surely she did all right.

Hazel is staying home alone again while the rest of her family is down at the neighbors . . .

July 2, 1954

Dale came up tonite & we went to the Drive-in. From there we could see the fireworks they were having at fairgrounds. Dale got over $200. from his wheat. I was so glad for him.

So she’s marrying a rich farmer, huh?

The Macon County Fairgrounds is right next door to the Drive-In Theater. Guess they got a 2-for-1 show tonight!

July 1, 1954

Didn’t do much of anything today. Worked on Mom’s dress. I was so lonely today. Judy called. Ruby & Roy & Babs were out tonite. It stormed while I was fixing supper.

After all the social things she’s been running around doing, I suppose she would feel lonely having to be home all day without company!

June 30, 1954

Donald, Jane, & Charlotte came out tonite; Dal came up & Donald & all of us went to see the “Glenn Miller Story” in Don’s car. Afterwards went to the A. & W. then home. Had a real good time.

A fun summer group outing. Sounds like quite a car full!

GlennMillerStoryThe Glenn Miller Story is a 1954 movie called “Moonlight Serenade: The Glenn Miller Story”, and it stars Jimmy Stewart. It’s a biography of bandleader Glenn Miller, who died in a plane crash December 15, 1944.

Some of the actors in the movie were actually playing themselves, such as Frances Langford and Louis Armstrong!

This is another one that’s on my list to watch, as soon as I can find it.


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