June 27, 1954

Judy & I really had a time last nite. We didn’t go to sleep till 3A.M.. Dale came up this aft. & stayed for supper & then we went to church. Afterwards Don & Jane & we went to A. & W. at Macon.

Hazel is sure having a busy summer, running around all over the place!

June 26, 1954

Me & Judy went to Annette & Stark’s wedding tonite. Was real pretty. Then we went with Harly & Carol to Macon & everywhere. I’m staying with Judy tonite.

She’s spending nearly all her time with Judy these days. They seem to have plenty to do to keep themselves busy!

I am assuming that Annette is their school friend, Annette McIntosh, but I don’t know the guy she married. Maybe he’s not from their immediate area. I’ve never heard him mentioned before.

June 25, 1954

Dale came up tonite & we & Judy went to see “From Here to Eternity.” I have been asked to go to St. Louis with Andersons & Sagasers. Judys lip is swollen.

She’s been invited on a family trip with the Andersons. I wonder what Judy has done to her lip?

FromHeretoEternity“From Here to Eternity” is a 1953 film starring Burt Lancaster, Deborah Kerr, Montgomery Clift, Donna Reed, and Frank Sinatra. I need to watch this one — it sounds like a good one!

June 24, 1954

I went up to Judy’s & stayed all day today. Had fun. Stayed home tonite. Wow, is it ever hot. I’m making a black backless blouse. Watched T.V. tonite. Bye.

A fun day with her best friend.

She’s sure getting plenty of use out of that blouse pattern she bought last year!

June 23, 1954

Worked on Moms dress & my rag rug today. I’m going to Judy’s tomorrow. Talked to her today. Me, Mom & Daddy went up to Spencer’s tonite. Made cherry dumplings for supper.

The visitation for Mrs. Spencer, back when it was held at the home.

She’s plugging right along on Hope Chest items.

I could not find a family recipe for Cherry Dumplings, but I searched online and found this one on Taste of Home: Cherry Dumplings. It sounds really good. I may have to try it!

The bad part is, My Cowboy doesn’t like cherries, so I’d have to eat it all by myself. Or is that really a bad part?

June 22, 1954

Dale came up tonite & we went to the show at Macon drive-in. He is supposed to come up Sun. for supper. Roy’s mother died last night. She was 87. Bye now.

No mention of any issues with Dale on this trip to the drive-in! Maybe they’re finally getting things settled.

Mrs. Spencer passed away. That leaves Dollie on the farm all by herself now. But Dollie’s a tough cookie, so I’m sure she can manage.

The sixth installment of “Hazel’s Diary” came out in the Kansas City Star Sunday paper this morning!

This month’s block is called “Best. Christmas. Ever.” because that’s what Hazel wrote in her diary about Christmas, 1952.


This block is based on the traditional block called “Christmas Star,” which I thought was appropriate for this month’s story, and I added poinsettia applique to it. I also made the block in red and green, very traditional Christmas colors.

You can read this month’s story and get the supply list and cutting instructions online HERE.

For complete assembly instructions and applique templates, you can pick up the June 21st Kansas City Star Sunday paper and check out the House & Home section, or download a PDF file for this month’s installment HERE.

If you need the PDF file, and don’t wish to go through Etsy, please contact me  to purchase it using an alternate method (contact me HERE).

As always, if you are looking for previous month’s blocks or the template and tutorial for the scalloped red frame, check out the links in the sidebar at the right.


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