March 26, 1954

Dale came up tonite & we went to the Drive-in at Moberly. Today in Phys. ed, Dorothy E. got her finger hurt & me, Don. W. & Frank took her to the Doc in Macon. She was fainting & would fight & evrything. The bone was chipped in the joint & it has to be in a splint for 2 weeks.

Poor Dorothy! It’ll be highly inconvenient to have to wear a splint on her hand for two weeks.

The weather must be warming up. Drive-in movie season is beginning.

March 25, 1954

Went to school as usual today. Me & Puz stayed home tonite & Mom, Dad & Buck went to Frank & Jennies cause G. Grandma Hyde is real sick. I was so tired today, I could have died. Judy called tonite & we talked 30 min.

All her late nights have caught up with her. She didn’t even go with her parents. I wonder what’s wrong with Great-Grandma?

March 24, 1954

Today was Senior Day at M.H.S. Did’nt have a very good time. It was dull. I went to nurse & stewardess. tonite was talent show at C.H.S. Our trio won first prize. Seniors acted out 5 foot 2. Dale was there & we’ve a disagreement. I hope everything works out.

Hmmm. I wonder if her being so tired had anything to do with not having a good time today? I’m really surprised that she found Senior Day to be dull. It doesn’t sound like anyone has convinced her to be a nurse or a stewardess, or she’d be more excited.

The famous trio took first prize in the Talent Roundup! No surprise, there. I’m sure she was in several of the various acts that performed.

And now she and Dale are in the middle of a spat. I hope everything works out, too!

March 23, 1954

I went to the Fashion Show at M.H.S. tonite with Carol Sue & her folks & Clara May. Was really good. Tomorrow is Senior Day at Macon & tomorrow nite is the Talent Roundup. I’m dead tired. Bye for now.

Oh, yes! Hazel would think that a fashion show was fantastic! I’m sure she came away with lots of ideas for new outfits for herself.

She’s already tired, and has a super busy day ahead tomorrow.

March 22, 1954

Back to school today. I got some old-fashioned clothes from Ruth Taylor tonite for me & Opal. Stayed home tonite & washed my hair. First time since I had it cut. I teach in Mrs. McIntoshes room tomorrow.

Practice teaching, huh? I wonder if this will now make her want to be a teacher, rather than a nurse?

I wonder if she likes her Italian haircut any better, now that she’s washed it?

I’m assuming that the “old-fashioned clothes” she’s borrowing are for one of their acts in the Talent Roundup coming up.

March 21, 1954

Charlotte, Judy & I sang down at Concord tonite. Folks came down there. Afterwards Dale, me, Damon & Judy went to Tastee Freeze at Macon, then to Callao to the graveyards & Y at Evan’s Lane. Stayed home all day today.

Another public appearance by the famous Callao trio! Anita lives right across the road from Concord church, so this wasn’t far for her to go.

And they followed it up with a little late-night “sight-seeing” — heehee.

March 20, 1954

Went to Judy’s this morn. to practice on a song. She called tonite for me to see the “Robe” so we did. Was really good. Dale came in the show then left. Aft’s. me & Judy walked to Pat & Sag’s (where her folks were at) & watched T.V. & ate sandwiches. Had fun.

More practice for the Talent Roundup, I guess.

TheRobeI’ve seen “The Robe”, but it was years ago, and I don’t think it was this 1953 version. I should probably watch it again. I think I’ll see if I can find the 1953 version she would have watched. It stars Richard Burton.

It’s a good movie to watch around Easter time, which is probably why she watched it when she did.


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