April 26, 1954

Today was Sr. Day at Kirksville. Saw an operetta in the morn & went to a big dance in the aft. I danced with a Sigma Tau & Bill B. & some girls. Had fun. I got me a new blouse.

Another big, busy day! Senior Day at the college in Kirksville. And she danced with a frat boy! Apparently, she fit in a little time for some shopping, too.

April 25, 1954

Got home at 1:00 last nite & I’m dead. Dale came up this aft. & we stayed home, then I went home with him for supper then went to church with him & his folks. Got home 11:30. Bye now

All her running around is catching up with her — with all she’s been doing, it’s no wonder she’s tired! When it gets close to the end of the school year, it always gets busy with lots of things to do.

April 24, 1954

Jrs & Seniors had breakfast at Leathers this morn. Then I went to Macon with Judy, then she came out home & stayed to go to the Jr. Dance tonite. Dale took us. Was real nice & formal. M. Swing band played.

Hazel has had a very busy weekend! Banquet last night, and all sorts of Saturday activities.

The Leathers’ hosted a breakfast at their home for the Juniors and Seniors after last night’s banquet, which was a very nice thing for them to do.

The Juniors had their dance tonight. The new school gym is really getting some good use!

April 23, 1954

Went to banquet tonite – Moonlight & Roses. Was real nice. Afterwards Dale & I went to Moberly with Don & Jane to the Wayside & then out to Reed’s Corner. Had fun. Came home then at 1:30. Woweee!

The Junior-Senior Banquet of 1954! Jane still has a copy of the invitation for it, and she sent it to me. Here’s what it looked like:


And here’s a picture of the two couples in Moberly afterwards. Aren’t they something?


April 22, 1954

Banquet is tomorrow nite – Can hardly wait. Worked on my dress & washed my hair tonite. Judy asked me for a picture & piece in paper about our engagement. Arthur Perry died yesterday.

I wonder if she’ll put her engagement announcement in the paper, and what picture she’ll use?

She’s all excited and getting ready for the big doin’s tomorrow night!

I don’t know who Arthur Perry is.

April 21, 1954

Stayed home tonite & worked on my new purple princess dress. I love it & I don’t like too much haveing it finished. Also watched T.V. Wrote to Dale & I’m tired.

I wonder what event the “purple princess dress” is for? She already has a formal for the banquet.

April 20, 1954

Dale got me after school & we went to Macon & got my ring fixed – it’s a lot better now. Also ordered my banquet flowers. Dora & Frank gave me a necklace & earrings for grad. Barb & Ruby were out for supper.

She had to get her engagement ring sized. No wrapping this one with yarn or tape like a class ring — this is the real thing!

The banquet is coming up soon — this is their version of a Senior Prom.

Frank is Hazel’s dad’s boss at the garage where he works. Dora is his wife. How sweet of them to give Hazel a graduation gift.


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