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For awhile now, I’ve been following this wonderful account on Instagram, and wow! The eye candy is amazing!

Her name is Mary Corbet and her website is needlenthread.com.

There is so much stuff over there for you to browse through if you love embroidery like I do.

She has eBooks to download, instructions and tutorials for all sorts of embroidery stitches, lots of inspiration, tips, and gorgeous photography. Please go have a look — if you’re doing the embroidered version of the Vintage Christmas Ornaments Quilt-Along, it might give you some more stitch ideas to use on your ornaments!

I’m putting a link to this site in the sidebar, too, so it will always be easy to find.

I had plans to post the intro for the World War II-inspired Quilt-Along today, but that was before I ran over My Cowboy with my truck (yes, you read that right), and forgot to order one piece of fabric I needed for my sample quilt, so . . . I’ve been waiting on a piece of fabric to arrive, and nursing a man on crutches, all while taking care of the entire farm and everything else around here all by myself because he can’t walk! I promise we’ll get it kicked off next week — I’m so excited for this one!

Edited to add . . .

In the comments, reader Karrin also suggested Sharon Boggan’s Pintangle web site as another great resource. I’ve loved Sharon’s work for years, but I’ve always equated it more with Crazy Quilting than embroidery — however, it’s a fabulous resource for embroidery, so I hope you check it out as well. She has a LOT of stuff to read and learn about over there — prepare to get lost for awhile! I’ll add it to the sidebar for easy access, too.

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Royal Star

On this day in 1951 is the one and only time that Hazel ever mentions quiltmaking in her diary.

She was a quilter, and made several quilts, and had several started at the time of her passing; but she evidently did not do much quilting during high school.

During our very first Quilt-Along here on The Life of Hazel Ilene, I offered up a bonus block that participants could use in place of any of the other blocks, in case there was one they didn’t like and needed to substitute.

I chose the traditional block “Royal Star” for our bonus block.

Since I’ve removed most of the instructions for that first Quilt-Along from the blog, the link to this bonus block has long been lost, but in honor of Hazel’s one and only mention of quilting in her diary, and the fact that it was “star quilt blocks” she was making, I’m posting an updated link to this free pattern today.

You can find it HERE: Royal Star Quilt Block.

Wouldn’t this be cute with a fussy cut center square? There’s a lot you can do with this one! I think it would be wonderful to make an entire scrappy quilt out of these.

And I need to shut up now before I talk myself into a new UFO! Happy stitching!

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It’s Memorial Day weekend! The official beginning of summer, right?

It’s now safe for My Cowboy to wear his white cowboy hat for the season — whew!

To help kick off your own summer in retro style, C&T Publishing is offering up my “Summer of ’51 Tablecloth” pattern for free on their blog this week.

It’s the tablecloth pattern from my book, “A Simple Life: Quilts Inspired by the ’50s“.

You can get the tablecloth instructions HERE, if you don’t already own the book. Or, if you’d like to own the book and have all the patterns, you can purchase it HERE.

Also, don’t forget that the quilting design pattern for the tablecloth is also available for free on the free downloads page for The Life of Hazel Ilene.

For some added entertainment, check out my interview with C&T Publishing HERE.

I’m hard at work on the next Quilt-Along that will begin later this summer, so stay tuned!

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Kitchen Towels

Here’s a quick project that you can make using the plain version of one of your embroidery blocks.

Some cute and easy kitchen towels!Kitchentowels

I used the embroidery pattern for Block 5, the plain version, in one color, for my tea towels, which you can find by clicking HERE.

Simply reduce the pattern to the size that you want (I used 50%), and trace it on to a pre-made towel, and stitch it out.PlainBlock5

I just happened to have on hand these two vintage red and white-striped towels, and they were perfect for my project. You can purchase pre-made kitchen towels in lots of styles and colors, or you can get fabric you love and make your own and then stitch on the design.

When I finally get my kitchen finished, my colors will be red and white, so I think these will go perfectly and look really cute in my new kitchen!

I’ll be back tomorrow with a finish to show you from a previous quilt-along participant, and I hope to get Block 6 posted within the week.

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July 22, 1953

Judy came out & stayed all day today We really had fun. She taught me to make earrings out of ricrack. I remodeled my bathing suit. (its real cute now) & we went to the pond & Buck sprayed water all over us. Really fun.

Apparently, her swimsuit wasn’t cute enough the way it came from the store, so she “remodeled” it. I can’t say I haven’t done the same thing with some of the items I’ve purchased over time. Have you ever brought home a garment, and then proceeded to “remodel it” for yourself?

The rickrack earrings sound cute. If you’re interested in making some, here are 3 different tutorials on various methods:

Ric Rac Rosette Earrings

Ric Rac Rosette Earrings

Easy Earrings from Rick Rack

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Introducing the alternate project for Block 3 . . . the Wildflowers Table Runner!

For this project, I used Block 3 for my center embroidered block (but you could use any one of them you prefer). Furthermore, I did my embroidery on a print fabric. I chose a floss color that would show up, yet still give it a soft, subtle look.Block3Plain

And then I turned that block into a table runner.finished

I think I need to go back and add some more quilting to the middle of it, but no sense in making all of you wait any longer. I can do that any time.

You can download the PDF file with all the instructions here: Wildflowers Table Runner.

You can find Block 3 HERE.

I’ll be back next week with Block 4. I know you’re all waiting anxiously for it. And I have to tell you, the only reason this has all taken me so long is that when we moved, I didn’t pack everything myself, and after moving twice, I lost all the pieces and parts of these projects! It took me a long time to find them, since we still haven’t really unpacked too much stuff since getting here.

Hopefully, I’ve finally gotten my act together enough to continue on, and I won’t be so delinquent in the future. Thank you all for your patience with me, and stay tuned for Block 4!

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I promised a bonus project to go along with each block, and although I’m late as usual getting this one posted, here it is — the Summer Wildflowers Wall Quilt:

This wall quilt uses the plain version of Block 1, surrounded by patchwork. It measures 30″ square when finished.

You can see that I simply used scraps from my large quilt to make my wall quilt, so I matched my embroidery thread to the fabric once again, and did it all in red.

I think it would be great done in other color schemes. I can’t wait to see what you all do with it. Please send me pictures!

For the pattern, you’ll need to download the Block 1 pattern file, which can be found HERE.

For the wall quilt instructions, click HERE to download the PDF file.

I’m planning to post Block 2 on September 1, so check back!

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I’m listening to the radio tonite – to a real good play – today was Valentines Day. I sent just a few Valentines. Got some Valentines from K.C. today. I’m thinking about Dale.

No valentine from Dale? Just thinking about him is all, I guess. Hmmm . . .

She doesn’t say what play she’s listening to. But she sure did enjoy listening to plays and operettas on the radio.

Since it’s Valentine’s Day, I’ve got a few tidbits for you . . .

I posted the recipe for Aunt Ruby’s Special Sugar Cookies on my other blog. They’re really good. You can find the recipe here: Valentine Cookies.

And I found this picture of Hazel while digging through the picture box:So I recreated the apron she’s wearing, and wrote up the pattern for it, and I’m offering it free on my web site. You can click HERE to download it. It’s a PDF file.

My Cowboy and I went into “wild speculation” mode as to why she’s wearing this apron and standing next to the car. My guess is that she was headed to a Valentine’s party and was going to be a server or some such, therefore the reason for the cute apron. My Cowboy said: “A server? Oh . . . You mean back when women were women?” I can’t clearly remember what object I threw at him. If you’d like to toss any additional beratings his way, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll be sure to pass them along to him!

And Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Grandma help me start chrocheting a rug from wool scarfs. I’ve started another out of cotton, too. Moma got her new washer. Really nice.

So she’s got her rug started. Now I know where I get that gene for starting several things at once. Not only did she start one from wool, but one from cotton, too. I would so have done that very same thing! Ack! It IS genetic! I guess there are worse traits I could have inherited . . .

I told you Mildred would not settle for her new washer being scratched up. She made them take it back and get her a new one that was in perfect condition. I don’t blame her — that’s a major purchase!

While your laundry’s doing, you can quilt . . .

Or you could start crocheting your own rug. You can find some basic instructions here: Making a rag rug from fabric.

Option 1 (large quilt):

Today you need Fabric #6. From it, cut two squares 3 7/8″ x 3 7/8″.

Stack these on top of each other, and cut them in half on the diagonal to make four triangles.

Store them in your “Block 11” baggie.

Option 2 (small quilt):

Today you need Fabric #5. From it, cut two squares 2 3/8″ x 2 3/8″.

Stack these on top of each other, and cut them in half on the diagonal to make four triangles.

Store them in your “Block 11” baggie.

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Sunday — Mick and Maureen & Jerry left about 4:00. We* went to Macon this morn. to take rug rags. Don, Mick, & Dad went golfing. Ruby, Charlene, & kids came out after chickens. I took bath & I’m tired.

*Me, Moma, Maureen, Jerry, and Larry.

Whirlwind visit for the Lomonacos. They didn’t stay long, but Mickie probably had to get back for work.

I had no idea that my grandfather ever played golf — what a revelation! He never talked about it that I know of. I never knew him to play golf in all the time I was around him. Funny what you can find out from an old diary.

Guess they’ll be getting some new rugs sometime. Taking rug rags to town was for a lady who took the rags and turned them into rugs, then you could pay her to get a new rag rug when she got around to getting yours done. These were the big, thick, heavy, braided ones. So popular during that time . . . I remember watching a lady make one when I was a little girl, and it seemed so difficult and confusing at the time. However, I really don’t think it’s all that difficult, and here are some easy instructions, if you’d like to try it your ownself: Making a Braided Rug. Think of it as a good way to use up scraps!

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