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August 23, 1954

Shopped again this morn. in Tacoma. Got blue sweater, bracelets & things. Had a fish dinner then went out to Point Defiance Aquarium & zoo, then to a carnival. I rode cars & wheel with Gene & we went thro the fun house. We leave in the morn. for Calif.

More shopping, and of course, she found some things! Fun family things all day, too.

Although I imagine it’s changed quite a bit since 1954, the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium is still a big Tacoma attraction today. You can visit them online HERE.

This is the family’s last visit day with their Tacoma relatives. They’ll be back on the road tomorrow, taking a different route home for some more sightseeing.

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August 22, 1954

We went to the ocean at Copalis beach today & dug clams. First time I’ve ever seen the Pacific. I was sick all day. I felt miserable. Ate dinner in a cabin. Rained all day.

It’s no time to be sick! They’re supposed to be having fun on this vacation. She apparently didn’t let it keep her from doing some fun things, anyway.

In the late 40s and early 50s, Copalis Beach was a famous place for clam digging, both commercially and by tourists.

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August 21, 1954

I got up ‘bout 8:00 this morn. & we went to town in Tacoma to shop. I got 6 bowls & a new skirt. Went to Bremmington Navy Yard this aft. & rode to Seattle on a ferry. Was a lot of fun. Staying home tonite.

Always on the hunt for some new fashions, and she’s picking up a few things for her Hope Chest as well.

The Bremerton Navy Yard was established in 1891, and today bears the name of Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. It played an important role during the Korean War, which ended in July of 1953. Having been in the Navy, I’ll bet Vern loved this visit!

Here’s a photo of them riding on the ferry. Hazel and her brother, Donald, are neither one in this picture. They must both have been behind their cameras.


From left to right, standing is: Mildred, her sister Esther, Vern (Hazel’s dad), and Ira (Esther’s husband).

Kneeling in front, left to right,  are two of Esther’s sons (I don’t know which is which, but one of them is named Gene), and Larry (Hazel’s little brother) on the right.

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August 20, 1954

Got to Esthers & Ira’s in Tacoma tonite at 6:00. Went through Idaho today. Ate dinner at Moses Lake, Wash. & went thro Spokane. We rode around tonite & got some ice cream. I’m so tired I could die.

A long travel day today, but they’ve finally reached their destination — Aunt Esther’s house. Maybe they can all get a good night’s sleep, so they can have a good visit while they’re there.

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August 19, 1954

Went into Yellowstone this morn. Saw bears & deers. Took pics. of bears. Also some some steaming pools & saw Old Faithful & other geysers erupt. Ate dinner by a big pretty lake. Were staying tonite at a motel in Drummond, Montana.

Another full day of fabulous sightseeing. Hazel got to watch Old Faithful erupt.

They’ve sure covered some ground. They’re in Montana already!

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August 18, 1954

Went thro the Bighorns today. Ate dinner by a mountain stream. Came to Cody, Wyo. this eve & on to Mt. View Lodge. Its real pretty here & awful cool. Going into Yellowstone tomorrow.

They’re sure doing lots of sightseeing on this trip. What a wonderful family vacation, to get to go see all these places!

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August 17, 1954

We’re in Custer, S.D. tonite staying at Star Court. What a day. Went through Badlands and on to Black Hills. Saw Rushmore Faces. Went on Needles Drive – saw Needles Eye & Totem Pole. Took lots of pictures.

I’m lucky to be in possession of some of the pictures and postcards from this trip, but not “lots”. This picture looks like it’s most likely from the Badlands. Notice the other people up behind them on the far cliff.


And this is Star Court, where they spent the night:



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August 16, 1954

Left at 5:00 this morn. & drove clear to Mitchell by 6:00 tonite. Went down to the Corn Palace again. I shook hands with the Indian. He was real nice. We are staying at the White House Cabins. Pretty nice.

Let’s hope they get a little further on their trip this year than they did last year, when Grandpa fell seriously ill, and they had to turn around and go right back home.

And it’s OK to get to see the Corn Palace again, because it changes every year.

The White House Cabin Camp boasted “Modern Cabins”, and was very near the Corn Palace. It’s the same place they stayed last year, on the only night they got to stay anywhere.


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August 13, 1954

Went to Macon this aft. & got a new dress. Talked to Imogene May & Shirley. Went back to H.C. tonite & our trio sang. Stayed for areal act & then came home. Bye..

I’ll bet the new dress was for the performance tonight. The trio sang at the Bevier Homecoming.

This was back in the days when they still had the aerial acts performing — trapeze artists, tightrope walkers, and the like. It was exciting! You can read more about the aerial acts HERE.

SkyMan 1

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August 12, 1954

Grandma & Roland came down today about 11:30. We went to see the parade. Afts. met Dale & we went up to the park & then he brought me home. We went back tonite in the truck. Had fun. Won some junk.

Relatives in town for the big event — the 21st annual Bevier Homecoming starts today! Grandma and Roland arrived in time to see the parade.

It appears Hazel didn’t miss too much of any of it, since she went back again with Dale twice more. She doesn’t seem to think very highly of her prizes from the games — it was junk!

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