November 23, 1953

Anita played. Mrs. Christy read. Judy, Loretta, Carol & I sang at a church in Ethel tonite. Had fun afterwards. Judy, Waldo & Loretta brought me home. I talked to Anita & Sue about Sue & Waldo last nite & I told Judy. I thought she’d die, Everyone was crying.

Oh, the drama! Looks like Waldo can’t make up his mind so he wants to play both fields at the same time for awhile. I wonder what will happen?

November 22, 1953

Sun – Dale didn’t come up today but he came tonite & we went to church at Hebron. I like to go down there. Got home at 10:30. Waldo is going with Sue tonite. I could just die for Judy.

I like to go to Hebron, too. While regular church services are not held there any more, they do have Homecoming on the 4th Sunday in August every year. Here’s a picture from this year’s Homecoming of Janet and Ron Smith performing a number.


The church has not changed one bit since I used to go here as a little girl, except they did put in a different heating system, and installed a couple of ceiling fans, since there’s no air conditioning. I honestly don’t think it’s changed much from when Hazel herself went here while dating Dale. It just never changes — and sometimes that’s a good thing.

So Waldo has gotten himself another girl, and tossed Judy to the side.
Hmm . . .

November 21, 1953

Mom is having the big Thanksgiving dinner this time & we’re already preparing for it. I’m asking Dale to come up & Jimmy will be home. We stayed home tonite. I burned my leg real bad today.

It’s Mildred’s turn to host the “big Thanksgiving dinner”! I’m sure she’ll go all out. She always does. It’ll be quite the feast.

This year, 2014 . . . 61 years later . . . that honor has fallen to my sister. And in true Mildred style, it promises to be quite the feast.

I wonder how Hazel burned her leg? On the wood stove? I can’t imagine . . .

November 20, 1953

Dale & I were supposed to go to church tonite. But he had to take Damon to Macon & he didn’t get here till 7:00 so we stayed home. I was so mad I could have died. Its real cold out & the winds blowing awful.

She sure doesn’t have much tolerance for when things don’t go just as she plans! Poor Dale — can’t be everywhere at once, and gets himself in the doghouse for it.

November 19, 1953

Staying home tonite. Got some new socks. I got my material for my blouse in home ec. Its blue & white striped. I’m also going to make a blue skirt & my graduation dress in white organdy.

She’s making up quite the wardrobe! Her graduation dress sounds beautiful.

November 18, 1953

Went to show tonite at Bevier – “The Last Posse” Was kinda good. Shirley & Margaret set with me part time. Had play practice 3 periods today. I’m dead. Dale & I are going to church on Fri. nite

Something going on every night! Seems she can always find something to do and somewhere to go. Even if she’s dead tired!

November 17, 1953

Played ball at Ethel tonite. Lost both games. Girls score was 41-53. Carol, Joann & I all fouled out. Came back to Callao & Dale took me home. Got home bout 10 after 11:00.

And had the three of them not fouled out, could they have won the game?


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