October 30, 1953

Dale came up tonite & we went to the drive-in, watched the show & ate some peanuts – had a divine time. Came home at 10 & sat in car till 12 waiting on Dad & Mom to get home. Mom went to a Halloween party & Dad took boys trickertreatin.

The whole family’s out celebrating Halloween!

With the days being much shorter, the drive-in movies can start earlier and get over sooner, so getting home at 10:00 seems early.

October 29, 1953

Had a Senior Party tonite. Me, Don, Jack & Leroy, & Miss Gilliland & Mrs. Medlin went – went skating at Ellyson’s. afterwards went out to the junction to eat. Had a pretty good time. D.W & I fell down. Wow! As I was getting in the car at Callao – Anita, Sue, Carol & some boys & more girls stopped & talked to me. In a green mercury.

Only half the class went to the party. But at least they had fun!

October 28, 1953

There was Basketball practice tonite, but I didn’t go. I’ve got the awfulest cold. Every morn. that I wear boots I leave them at Mrs. Johnson’s. She’s real nice. Don Teter is supposed to be home Fri.

First cold snap, and she’s sick. Figures.

I still don’t know why she has to leave her boots at Mrs. Johnson’s instead of just changing them at school.

Don Teter is Dale’s cousin. He must be off in the service somewhere.

October 27, 1953

I’ts all muddy out. It was raining this morn. so Daddy took us to school. Finis is over here tonite. I mailed a letter to Dale today. There’s a town team game at the gym tonite. Its real cold outside.

The nice fall weather is just about over. At least they didn’t have to walk to school in the mud.

October 26, 1953

Am staying home tonite & studying & messing around. Not much of anything going on this week except a Senior skating party on Thurs. nite. We had an annual staff meeting this morn. Mrs. Christy has chosen our play – “No More Homework”.

Finally, a calm week in her life. I think she can use a break.

I wonder what part she will get in the play?

October 25, 1953

Sun – Dale came up today & we just went riding around. Stopped at Bowzers station & talked to Alec. Saw Damon & some boys. Saw Ronnie Sebree & Dale Muff – they had just been married. Stayed home tonite.

An easy Sunday just driving around and visiting with people . . . sounds divine.

October 24, 1953

Dale came up tonite & we went to the dance up at the school house. Had a big crowd. We sat with Judy & Waldo. I square-danced once with Daddy. Came back to Minnie’s & ate, then came home – HeHe

I never knew Vern to dance, but she has said more than once that she has square-danced with him. That would have been something to see!

Judy and Waldo seem to be quite the item lately . . .


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