October 21, 1953

Had Senior pictures & group pictures taken today. I wore a real pretty aqua sweter with pearls. Had 6 or 7 poses & my order cost $27.20. I’m dead tonite. Judy called. Opal & I held the B.B. in the B.B. picture. We sing Habor Lights at Box Social.

Yep, there’s Hazel and Opal, front and center, holding the basketball in the basketball picture.


And here’s Hazel’s senior picture pose of choice. To me, the sweater looks gray, not aqua. But I think it’s a beautiful picture of her.


If you’re a parent of a high school kid, I’ll bet you wish senior pictures only cost $27.20 these days, right?

Ready to build your final rows?

I forgot to post this earlier because I’ve been so busy, I have no idea what day it is most of the time!

This row is easy, but takes a bit of time.

Here’s what you’ll need to cut:

From bright prints, you’ll need 60 pairs of strips 2 1/2″ x 8 1/2″.
In other words, you’ll need 120 of these strips, matched up in pairs.

From the white background, you’ll need 60 strips 2 1/2″ x 8 1/2″.

For each “unit”, you’ll need one pair of the print strips, and a white background strip.


Match the print pair up, right sides together, and stitch them together down the long side. Press the seam toward the darker fabric.


Now subcut this piece into 3 segments 2 1/2″ wide, as shown. Just discard the little leftover portion off the end.


Next, sew these 3 segments end to end to look like this, pressing seams toward the darker fabric.


Now sew the white background strip to this strip at both short ends. It’ll be a large loop. That’s the way it’s supposed to be.


Now, you’re going to randomly pick a spot along the white strip, and cut across it to “undo the loop”.


Press the seams toward the print fabrics.


Now, you just need to repeat this 59 more times!

Every time you cut the white background strip, just randomly pick a different spot along the strip, so that they are all different lengths on both ends of the print part. This is what makes them go up and down along the row.

Now separate the units into two piles of 30 each.

Arrange them in a row in an order that suits you, and sew them together.


Make 2 rows of 30 units each. Each finished row will measure 20 1/2″ x 60 1/2″.

That should keep you busy for a while. Next week, I’m going to post on Wednesday instead of Monday, because I’ll be out of town at the trade show in Houston — Quilt Market. But that day will be the final instructions for setting the quilt together, so be sure and check back!

October 20, 1953

Went to B.B. practice tonite. After the girls finished Me & Judy walked up to church, then went to Hopper’s with some girls & back to the church to listen. Lonnie Joe & Waldo were there. Came back to school & Dad brought us home.

Crammin’ lots of other doings in around what she already has on her schedule. Makes things even busier for her. But it would be terrible to miss out on anything, right? I’ll bet she’ll be saying she’s tired when this week is over!

October 19, 1953

Stayed home tonite & washed my hair, washing out some things & studied some. Boy I’ve got a full week. B.B. practice Tues, church on Wed. (I think) Band party on Thurs., BB game on Fri. & big dance on Sat. I’m going to bed.

I’d think she needs to rest up! She’s having a crazy busy senior year!

October 18, 1953

Stayed all nite at Finis & Doris & came home (to Grandma’s) about 10. Helped fix dinner. Dale came then & we talked & he helped me study & then we went down by the ditch to pick up walnuts with the boys. Had so much fun. Mom, Dad & Spencers are home from Am. Royal. Got a pair of hose.

They’ve been staying all night with relatives while their parents were gone to Kansas City. Mildred and Vern hardly ever miss going to the American Royal.

They’re sure gonna have a lot of walnuts to deal with!

October 17, 1953

Am at Grandma’s today. Boys have picked up walnuts all day. Had chile for supper. I’m up to Doris’s to stay all nite tonite. I’m kind of tired because of ballgames. Bob & Donna were together last nite.

It’s that time of year. The walnuts have been falling like crazy around here! And it’s good chili weather, too. My Cowboy made us some for supper just a couple nights ago. He makes good chili. If you’d like his recipe, click HERE.

Bob and Donna seen together . . . hmmm . . . maybe Harley was just a passing fling? Will they get back together?


October 16, 1953

Had B.B. game tonite with NewC. Got beat 29-25. Boys lost. I’m our class queen this year & Frank’s king. Joann & me were captains tonite. Dale was there & he met me & Buck at school & brought us home. We went to Grandma’s then. Ma & Pa go to K.C. in the morn.

Lost by 4 points. They’re just not having much luck this year!

She’s the class queen for Senior year — what an honor. Although . . . there are only 2 girls in her class to choose from. She beat out Opal for that spot! Competition amongst the guys was a little tougher — there are 6 of them to choose from — that Frank must be somethin’!

Frank and Hazel were the class king and queen last year, too. Quite the popular little couple!


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