Are you ready for the next Quilt-Along?

We’ll be making the Happy and Scrappy Throw Quilt this time. Here’s what it looks like:HappyScrappyQuilt

Just a fun, happy, easy, scrappy quilt that would be fantastic for a cheery drag-around quilt! The finished quilt measures 60″ x 80″.

I don’t have mine quilted yet, but I’ll do better pictures when I get it completely finished.

I gave the yardage information before, but I’m posting it here again, just for good measure. These are generous amounts, but this is just so you can do as much mixing and matching as you want, and still have room to change your mind or recover from a mis-cut (but you don’t ever mis-cut, do you?), or use the leftovers in the piecing.

For backgrounds:

White solid: 1 5/8 yards

Yellow solid: 1/2 yard

Turquoise (or bright blue) solid: 1/2 yard

For all the piecing:

An assortment of bright prints and bright solids to equal 5 yards. The more variety, the better.

One thing I didn’t mention earlier, is that you’ll also need 5/8 yard for binding, but you could also make your binding out of scraps, which is what I may do my ownself — I haven’t decided just yet.

You will also need 3 3/4 yards of backing fabric, if you’re going to piece your backing from yardage. Or you can use wide backing, in which case you’ll only need 1 7/8 yards of 90″-wide backing fabric.

And you’ll, of course, need a batting of your choice in the appropriate size.

With all that, I think we’re ready to start, right?

This quilt is done in the style of a row quilt, since it’s just rows of different elements all joined together. Some of them are repeated, so you’ll have to make 2 rows. Such is the case with this week’s row. We’ll get the more tedious parts out of the way first, so we’re starting with the applique circle sections. There’s one toward the top, and one further down in the quilt.

For this, I used the turquoise and yellow background fabrics, but you can use whatever color you want for your backgrounds.

Cut enough 6 1/2″-wide strips to piece a 60-1/2″-long background piece from. Just piece them end-to-end and then cut your length from them. One from turquoise, and one from yellow — or whatever background colors you choose to use.

Next, you’ll need some scrappy circles to applique onto these background pieces. I just traced around some random-sized objects, cut out my circles, and started laying them out until I was pleased with my arrangement.

You can make any size circles you want, and as many of them as you want. Just play around with them until you get the look you want for your quilt. You can even make some squares, or triangles, or use cookie cutters for lots of different shapes!

Then use whatever method of applique you prefer to attach them to the background fabric.

I fused my circles on, and then used my machine to blanket-stitch around the edges. If you want to fuse yours on, and need some help with that method, see my article on that HERE.HSRow1

You’ll need to make two of these strips. I’ll be back next Monday with the instructions for the next portion that we’ll be doing.

September 22, 1953

Dale came up tonite – went to the drive-in (saw Della & Harold) & stopped by Minnie’s. Had fun. Jack Pillers brought me home from school last nite. Damon & Joann Shale may go to the show with us Fri. nite. Bye now.

Damon has yet another new gal, it seems! What a guy!

I seriously need to count up how many times that girl has been to the drive-in just since it opened! I’m baffled at how she gets away with it — Mildred would never have let ME go to the drive-in that often, and especially on school nights.

I always think it’s funny when she tells the diary “Bye”.

September 21, 1953

We’re staying home tonite. Daddy & the boys went to N.C. to get some combine parts & while they were gone Mom & I studied my shorthand. We put a woodstove up in the kitchen tonite. Felt good. I love my hair. Bye

It’s that time of year — time to put the woodstoves back in place. Back in those days, they took the heat stoves out in the summer, and put them back in the winter. It seems like a lot of trouble to go to, but I’m sure it made the house feel more open and airy in the summer time, plus gave more space for working around the kitchen, what with all the canning going on during garden season.

Mildred’s mother even had a summer kitchen, as lots of folks did. It was a completely separate little building just out the back door from the regular kitchen, that Gladys used in the summer for all the canning and most of the “hot cooking”, just to keep all that extra heat from making the house hotter.

I wondered if Hazel would like her haircut . . .

September 20, 1953

Sun. – Dale didn’t come up today & I wrote letters this afternoon. Me & Mom fixed a real good supper. I took a nap today. The Insurance Smoots were here this morn. Donna & Bob went by. Was at Ruths this afternoon.

“Insurance Smoots” — I had to laugh at that. As opposed to the “Drug Store Smoots” or the “Banker Smoots”, I suppose? I do find it odd that they would visit on a Sunday morning. Were they trying to sell insurance to the Hydes, or were the Hydes making a claim for something? Maybe they were just visiting . . .

September 19, 1953

Today I’m 17. Dale came up tonite & brought me a great big fuzzy dog for my bed. It’s the cutest thing & I just love it. We went to the drive-in & drove around. Grandma Hyde sent me 2 boxes of pretty stationary. Got my hair cut by Ruth J.

It’s her birthday!!!! Seventeen years old . . .

Since she writes so many letters, that stationary should come in pretty handy!

And a new haircut — I guess she needs a new look to go with her new age.

September 18, 1953

Staying home tonite. I’m dead tired. Donna called me & we talked a long time. She’s going to school at KIRX. Jack Pillers brought me home from school tonite. Its been raining, but its stopped now, I think.

All the partying from last night seems to have worn her out, but not so much that she can’t still talk on the phone.

It’s nice she didn’t have to walk home from school in the rain.

September 17, 1953

Tonite was Freshman Initiation party. Had it in the new gym. Danced, ate & played murder. Opal nor I had a very good time cause we had so much to do. Buck didn’t get to go – he was in field. Had punch with ginger ale.

Their first party in the new gym, and she was too busy working to enjoy it! And her little brother is a Freshman this year, and didn’t even get to attend the party.

I’m having a hard time finding out what the game “murder” is. If anyone knows, please feel free to enlighten me . . .


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